Customer Referral Program

We all know that “word of mouth” is the #1 method of attracting new students.  Therefore, I am implementing a “Show Your Love” customer referral program. The rules are as follows:

PK DANCE Bucks Customer Referral Program

 *  Refer a new student to the Paula Kearney Dance Studio – earn $20 PK DANCE Bucks for each new student
that enrolls for a minimum of 3 months.

*  Only referrals that convert to new students count when the registration fee along with the 1st month tuition
have been paid

*  Your name must be entered on the “referred by” line on the registration application

*  If multiple names appear on the new student’s “referred by” line, only the first name will be counted

*  Credit may be used for Tuition, Costumes or Supplies after the 3 month qualification.

*  Credits may not be used for Conventions, Photography, DVD or Tickets

*  You will be notified by email when PK DANCE Bucks credit is available

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